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That’s how much I know about the deer population. And this is how much the native people know about the lobster situation. They would try to get me out of there because we would get rid of that population so fast. I understand when you say your community wants to enter the fishery and their premises are conservation of the biomass and non-displacement. Well, St. Mary’s Bay is closed in that summer season for a number of reasons. It’s primarily for conservation, because the lobster gather there to do their breeding and their moulting.

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Twitter did not immediately respond to Reuters’ requests for comment. Last week, top U.S. automaker General Motors Co said it had temporarily halted paid advertising on Twitter after Elon Musk completed his takeover of the social media company. HONG KONG -China’s Lenovo Group reported its first revenue decline in 10 quarters as a pandemic-fuelled computer sales boom comes to an end, with sales especially falling in China as COVID lockdowns took a toll.

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Those that were category C had one or two years to fish and they were taken out of the fishery. Anybody could go and buy a licence up until that time. In fact, I had one originally myself for 25¢, but I gave it up because I went to school or something. I had to in turn go and buy another one, which cost me a lot more.

So the buyer who has a very good market on the three and three-sixteenths does not want to lose it to three and a quarter, to have competition amongst other buyers. Even in the States, they’re up to three and a quarter—and everybody else. According to DFO logs—now, these numbers could be right or wrong—135,000 female lobsters were v-notched in the season of last year, the fall of 1998 and the spring of 1999.

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One of my reasons for no summer fishery or out-of-season fishery is the large number of female lobsters that come into St. Mary’s Bay in the summertime to moult, to do their thing, to release their eggs. The reason I stress this is because in the last two weeks of May, I will take home lobsters every second day, an average of 20 pounds or so, to freeze and for my summer’s consumption. Out of that 20 pounds—and I’ve watched it—are pretty good-sized lobster, about one and a half to two and a half pounds, and 75% happen to be females. This June 4 to December 30 fishery taking place is 100% against conservation. Let me stress again that these landings were recorded by DFO’s so-called observe and record program this summer.

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If in fact you are bringing people into the commercial side of this, we already have a structure in place. Many people would complain that the structure is not effective, but…. In the easyMarkets test it seems that neither deposits nor withdrawals are charged, which clearly speaks for the seriousness of the broker. There also are no minimum withdrawal amounts, with the exception of bank transfers, where the minimum amount is 50 US dollars or the equivalent in euros. The U.S. central bank has raised rates at its last six meetings beginning in March, marking the fastest round of rate increases since former Fed Chair Paul Volcker’s fight to control inflation in the 1970s and 1980s. In a press conference after the meeting Fed Chair Jerome Powell cautioned against any sense the central bank will soon move to the sidelines.

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It must be tantamount to a guess, although I am sure it is not a guess. I entirely agree with the conclusions the Committee has come to. I am trying to explain to Mr. Smallwood what the position is. I am not one of the critics, and I don’t intend to be. Now with regards to the drop, where we estimate a drop in salt codfish around $8 million. As I said before, this country has one fish only, the codfish, and as soon as we forget that attitude the sooner the country will get on its feet.

Learn more about how easyMarkets works and get started with your account today. Our AFS agreement on the lobster fishery alone, only the lobster fishery, was terminated instantly. DFO officers were engaged in a campaign of private harassment.

One thing we’ve realized is that not all reserves throughout Nova Scotia have the same needs or all the same wants. Some are not interested in fishing, but others are very interested in fishing. It just depends on where they’re located and what their history was. The group was formed by the eight easymarkets review smaller organizations along the gulf shore—North of Smokey Fishermen’s Association, Cheticamp and Area Fishermen’s Association, Inverness North, Inverness South. Also Gulf Nova Scotia Bonafide, Maritime Fishermen’s Union Local 4, Northumberland Fishermen’s Association, and Cumberland North.

In the rest of the Maritimes you’re probably looking at half of that, on average. We feel that the capital gains provision needs to be reviewed in light of the possibility of buybacks of licences to allow entry of the natives into the fishery. We feel an allowance of $500,000 is critical, as this has been an issue within the fishing community for several years.

Work is easy, markets are uncontested, profits are predictable. I asked the question for the benefit of my listeners. It will be a future industry in this country, I believe.

I know that you are very busy preparing for the opening of fisheries next week. There are the escape mechanisms or hatches on traps. I and most fishermen have used escape hatches for 18 years, since they first came out. DFO only made that a rule…I can’t speculate when, maybe four or five years ago. This is one thing we did on our own when I lived in St. Mary’s Bay.

We saw your report a couple of years ago, which the committee was presented. You’re saying that it’s still happening today under the ITQ system. I wonder if you could explain a bit as to why there is dumping on the high seas today under that system. Why does that happen when every one of these fishing groups, in fact every one of the presenters we’ll be speaking to—before in P.E.I. and today and tomorrow—will be saying conservation is the number one issue. Yet if they’re dumping fish over the side, they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth. There are probably a number of lobster licences out there because of the recent buyback under FRRM, under TAGS, that will just be floating around.

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